Just a quick note – we’ve had issues with the “like” button aboveĀ . I’ve looked into it and will (hopefully) have it fixed by Monday.

Happy Friday, guys! Have a comic.

This comic here almost didn’t happen. In the final stages, my little laptop went *ka-CHUNK!* and then froze. The only thing indicating life was the way the Beastie Boys started playing a super-high BPM remix special.

Hard disk trouble. Uh oh.

Luckily I managed to restart it and get on with the comickening. It was a close call, my friends. Too close. I guess I’ll be looking into new hardware soon.

Speaking of hardware, have you checked out the sweet merch available in the WOT store? I can almost guarantee that it’s real!

Have a great weekend, vote often and I’ll see you on Monday.