Of all the nicknames for skinny people I’ve ever heard, ‘Anti-Hulk’ is my favorite.

Did you know that tomorrow could be The Rapture? Oh dear. And here’s me with my Sunday best at the dry-cleaners. Anyway, an enterprising young  man from Seattle has already set about advertising for unwanted Rapturite stuff on Craiglist.

Oh, internets. You keep me amused so very frequently.

Speaking of stupid things, have you heard about planking? If you haven’t, don’t look it up, it’s not worth your time. Some young guy lay face-down on a balcony railing for a photo and fell off. It made the front page.

My guess is that the media on this continent got bored with reporting natural disasters and started focusing on human stupidity instead. Fair enough, sometimes there’s a lot of it.

Fore my part, I’m going to a Mad Man party! I’m gonna dress up like Don Draper, swill scotch and pretend to smoke cigars.


This will be the first party I have been to in AGES and I’m very excited. I guess being a cartoonist really does make you a little strange.

There’s a new ink up for your viewing pleasure after a vote. Check it out!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday.