EDIT: Okay, I’m rested and awake and stuff!

That third panel is probably my favourite of all time – it captures the mood almost perfectly! I’m already really excited for this particular part of the arc and I hope you are too!

Let’s be honest here – I have a whole bunch of shirts from Threadless and I love them to bits. However, many of them are visual gags or cute extensions of pop-culture memes, rather than the results of someone projectile vomiting coloured milk.

Although now I’ve said it I’m pretty sure that’s already a thing (WARNING: contains images of puking), so my apologies to any readers who actually like wearing puke-shirts. It’s just a personal preference.

If you’d rather look at something less off-putting, I recommend inkOUTBREAK – all the comics you want, right in one place.

And hey, thanks for smashing those social media buttons up top. The more likes and comments I get, the more I wanna draw you some god-damned hospitality comics!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!



You deserve more words. I’ll write some more for you soon, just need to sleep. So tired.

Thank you for your patience.